VMLY&R: Super Wendy’s World

Wendy's character in different games

VMLY&R: Super Wendy’s World

How Wendy’s and VMLY&R reached the ad block generation

Wendy’s was looking for a way to tell its ‘fresh, never frozen’ beef story to a growing generation of consumers wary of advertising. To reach a younger target consumer, the brand looked at where they were spending most of their time: gaming.

Wendy’s needed to work its way into the world of gaming authentically. As a group that’s constantly overstimulated with messaging, gamers have become sceptical of brands infringing upon their space. Instead of acting like a brand to reach gamers, Wendy’s decided to act like a gamer.

Each week on Twitch, VMLY&R helped bring Wendy’s to life in some of the most popular video games, then played each game with a Wendy’s-style twist. The brand gamed with its target audience and for them. They played with fans and created custom in-game content that was downloaded more than 988,000 times and eventually became part of the top 1% of all streamers on Twitch.

The campaign blurred the line between advertising and entertainment, achieving more than merely reaching the audience, building relevance on its audience’s terms, and showing that the best way to keep things fresh is to let your game do the talking.

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